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Renaissance Montura LAX Parking

Los Angeles International Airport
9620 Airport Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Indoor Self
Indoor Valet
Shuttle Interval, min10-15
First class service airport parking. Indoor garage and outdoor parking lot are located at the Renaissance LAX Hotel less than a mile from Los Angeles International Airport. Free 24 hour shuttle service.

Things You Should Know

- Indoor Garage Height Restriction: 6' 10".

- Your reservation does NOT allow in/out privileges. You can not enter & exit more than once.

- Shuttle service to LAX is available from this location at no cost. Shuttles depart every 15-20 minutes. When you return to LAX, please wait for the shuttle in the Courtesy Hotel Shuttle pickup area. Look for the large blue shuttles that will have "Renaissance Hotel" and "Sixt Rent-A-Car" scrolling across the marquee.

- Quoted rates only apply to airport travelers. Daily visitors and hotel guests will be responsible for posted hotel parking rates - no exceptions.

What our customers say about Renaissance Montura LAX Parking

- Los Angeles

Good overall, will come again. I am not sure what was advertised, but my car didn't get a covered slot. It became noticeably dirtier and had bird droppings on top. But I can deal with it. Other than that, the service worked smoothly, people were friendly and shuttle was timely. Go early because the shuttle picks and drops off passengers.
- Anaheim, CA.

The main concern I had was the width of the spots. It was so narrow I worried about other car doors dinging my car. The other thing to note was that it claims to be indoor parking. But, the only parking we could find was on the roof. So, my car was parked outside the entire time. Aside from that, everything was easy the price point is affordable, the staff at the Renaissance and on the shuttle were very friendly.

I will definitely park here again. Wait times were fantastic.

Very impressed, I will certainly park there again and let my friends know.
- Los Angeles

Chose this place due to previous reviews. They were right on. It did concern me when I called the hotel to let them know I was at the curb to be picked up, the automated voice said after waiting an hour (!), to call back and ask for a live person. That did not set the tone right in waiting. Several of the other parking places did have quite a few shuttles drive by. I ended up waiting over 20 minutes (at least not an hour). The hotel staff was excellent and extremely helpful! Felt safe in parking there at 5:00am.

Shuttle driving had no plans to stop and pick up the passengers outside terminal 5. He was just driving away without stopping. He should be looking out for the passengers for pickup. Going to airport was not bad - 10 minute wait. Coming back was also 10 minutes. So, we were happy with overall experience.
- SoCal

I valet parking here often. In part because when I do overnight prior to a flight I stay at the Renaissance.

The valet car drop off was smooth and usually is.

Yesterday’s pickup was great (it has not always been, sometimes I have had to wait 20 min).

As instructed when I dropped off my car, I texted my ticket number to the valet upon arrival, so my car would be ready for me when The shuttle dropped me off. Well the car was not there & then took 20 min to arrive.

After a 6 hour flight, the last thing I want just to be frustrated waiting for my car.

The car was fine when I received it.

The wait time for the shuttle to return from the airport to the Renaissance was quite long.

Big ding in the car door when I returned after a one day trip.
- Ventura

This time the shuttle was very prompt, departing and arriving. (Not always the case.) I texted our arrival from the baggage claim. It took half an hour to get to the hotel. Our car was not pulled out. It took another 20 minutes for them to bring it up and their attitude about the delay was pretty indifferent. To be fair, this has not happened before and I will continue to use Renaissance.

Wait times could be faster, but the overall experience was great. I paid for valet parking and they give you a phone number to text when you're on your way back to pick up your car so they can have your car ready for you when you arrive at the hotel. All the staff was very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!

Other than the time it took to make all of the shuttle stops within LAX (on our way back to the hotel for car pick up since we were on Southwest) -- the experience was fabulous. Time to get to the desired terminal may be a bit long for others flying a different airline but shorter on the back end. But... those are just the logistics of LAX.
- Los Angeles

My experience was very pleasant. The parking lot was quite full when I arrived so it's good to take some extra time to find the desired spot. However everything went smoothly, shuttle was ready to go when I left, and just dropping by when I returned. The ride is max 10 min if the airport is not very busy. I felt very safe, accessing the parking structure through the hotel lobby, specially because I returned late night. Price is excellent too.
- Ontario, CA

It was great to find out about this location so close to the airport. Staff and drivers were very helpful. The indoor garage was well lit and clean. I felt very safe parking my car there for a few days.

Employees gave us excellent service, just a little tight in front entrance. I think we pay a little too much, while other parking spaces were cheaper around, notice after I booked 😧
- Inland Empire

The driver of the shuttle that dropped me at the airport did not provide accurate information regarding the various terminals which resulted in many of the passengers being dropped at the wrong terminal. Assistance with luggage was subpar too. Nevertheless, he wanted a gratuity in the end.
- Atascadero

All worked out like planned. Shuttle driver was super nice.

I left two car keys (one Toyota one bmw) in the valet desk, but I just got one key back. These two keys were in a same key chain and I don't know why they separated my key chain.

All Ok... the shuttle wait times were a little long.

Good location. Staff's very good. Shuttle waiting period was long picking up and dropping off.

Close enough to the airport to park. Shuttle was waiting for us to take us to the airport. Dropped us off at arrivals instead of departures which meant we had to walk a little further with lots of luggage. When arriving back home we called for a pick up and came pretty quickly. Just make sure you are in the hotel shuttle pick up! Both drivers where nice and friendly. Would park here again.

Great place to leave your car, safe and convenient.

All great, but wait was too long with stop along the way. From landing to my car 45 min. Way too long. Took me less time to get home from Renaissance.
- Santa Barbara

This place was great. To get valet parking at that rate is fantastic!

Overall Good Experience on departure. Waited for over 40 minutes for a shuttle upon return.
- LA

Quick pick up and quick drop off. Did not wait long.

Overall experience was great. Only thing I would say is the credit card machine or wifi needs to be working at all hours.

Great place to Park. Staff was excellent. I will definitely use again.
- Orange county, CA

One star because of wait time for the shuttle. I have used this facility at least 14 times since 2010. This is the first time I had to wait 51 minutes for shuttle pick up from the Bradley Terminal. Incident date: Sunday, 11 Dec. Was out in the red wait zone by 9:09 PM. I called hotel 2x (9:30 PM and 9:47 PM). Both times I was told that the shuttle would be arriving shortly. Pick up time finally at 10 PM. Renaissance driver explained that after 9 PM he does the sweep pick up for Four Seasons and Marriott.

While waiting (after 9:12 PM) - the Marriott shuttle made 3 rounds around Bradley - and EMPTY. The Four Season shuttle made 2 rounds - had some passengers.

Question (which I asked the Renaissance driver): Why doesn't Marriott and Four Season shuttle also do sweep pick up for Renaissance? Why ONLY Renaissance sweep pick up BUT not the other way around?

Renaissance driver was polite, helpful and apologetic. Still there has to be a better system rather than wait 51 minutes for pick up (esp since the website says: shuttle times every 15 minutes). Also: Marriott and Four Seasons should sweep pick up for Renaissance after 9 PM.

I was impressed. I came out from baggage and the shuttle was there. I paid at the valet and left. Seamless. A nice hotel, close to the airport with safe indoor parking. I will return!

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