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Airport Spectrum Parking

Los Angeles International Airport
5757 W Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Indoor Self
Indoor Valet
Shuttle Interval, min15-20
Airport Spectrum (former Park Air Express) is a full-service modern airport parking facility serving Los Angeles Int Airport and conveniently located just two blocks from LAX. We offer great rates and a convenient location.

Services Provided:
- Self & Valet Parking
- Indoor Garage Parking
- 24/7 Shuttle Service
- Carwash available

The clearance for Self Park is 6'2". Any vehicle higher that this clearance will have to Valet Park and will be charged the difference between self park and Valet Rates.

What our customers say about Airport Spectrum Parking

- Irvine, CA

It's close from LAX, and didn't have to wait for the shuttle that long to go LAX. When I came back from the trip, the shuttle was waiting out side. It was very good in general.
- PP

One bus went right by me as I waited to be picked up on the 2nd level at LAX. I was waiting by the desigated red sign. Also, once I got to the center, it took quite a while till my car arrived.

I used Airport Spectrum Parking for the first time in Feb 2020. Happy with convenience to LAX, shuttle service, and general courtesy by employees. Given 1st time use, I was a little unfamiliar with their pickup (return) from LAX.
When I was dropped off (upper deck - departures), the driver told me to come back to same spot for pickup. But by the time I returned 10 days later, I had forgotten. Waited for little while on the arrival (lower) deck & suddenly remembered the driver's words! Went to upper deck & got on the shuttle within minutes. Highly likely to use again.
- Riverside

Facility is great and near LAX. Very convenient but waiting an hour for the shuttle outside the terminal after a 15 hr. flight from Australia, not acceptable. Poor time management. I phoned the front counter and was told we could take another shuttle from another hotel and walk to the facility, if we didn't want to wait. This is the second time I have used this service. The first time, the same thing happened with my friends that made the reservation on our return flight from Fiji. After a long flight all you want to do is get your car and get home.

The facility, ease of valet parking, the service shuttle, and service by personnel at Airport Spectrum Parking was excellent. I could not believe I paid about $25 for 3 days of weekend parking. I scored!

I researched what to do so I wouldn’t have a negative experience. 1. Follow sign to valet and don’t self park it’s totally worth it. 2. Plan on 30 minute wait for shuttle, we waited 20 minutes. 3. Tip them at drop off. 4. Save receipts and claim check. 5. Upon claiming luggage call # to request pick up. 6. Go to red sign and be ready to flag them as they approach. 7. Tip driver Prices were so reasonable and service great!
- Nipomo

When I arrived to park there was no one there. It was very difficult finding a place to park that wasn't reserved for Valet service. It was also confusing as to which level on which I parked. The posts should be marked not only with the section letter & number, but also the level number.
- Southern CA

Excellent. Quick pick up, helpful staff, car was waiting at arrival. Airport Spectrum Valet

Loved the valet service!! Everyone very accommodating and pleasant to deal with.
Hate it when they turn off my auto lights! Didn’t realize they were off until on the freeway!
- Encino

Staff at the parking garage was beyond depressing and borderline rude. Lack of enthusiasm really strikes home. Almost careless. My shuttle driver back was amazing! Also your number on the shuttle ticket I was given is no longer in service. That’s about it.

Do NOT park here. My car was broken into over the weekend, back window smashed to pieces, and the staff are sooooo unbelievably apathetic and careless about it. The valet staff actually drove my car up to me in this state!! And the attendant had the audacity to say “it wasn’t like that before when you dropped it off?”


Police report and incident reports are filed, but the manager has not returned my call yet! The staff working there are young kids that aren’t equipped to handle situations like this. I wish I had never given them my car keys as they’re taking their business extremely lightly.

My car was ransacked from the inside completely and they have no idea what happened. They are NOT providing a safe place for cars like they say they are. The staff also told me there’s an issue with people coming in from the street and hanging out in the garage. One was found underneath a car recently. I don’t think that’s safe?

Their customer service is non existent and just angering. I’ve parked in many LAX airport parking lots and never had this happen to me, until I came here.

BEWARE, their garage is not secure, and they valet park cars so far away that they don’t hear the alarms going off, apparently.
- Santa Barbara

I would have like more frequency of shuttle drivers to and from the terminals. Also the connection to call the operator after I landed was awful. I had full bars and could not hear the other person. I had to call 3-4 times to get them to hear my claim ticket number. I will really consider parking my car somewhere else when flying out of LA.

Shuttle took so long, at least 30 min, so we took Uber instead.

Easy to find, easy in easy out. Good price.

Had to wait over 30 mins for the shuttle to show up. They use quite old shuttles. Shuttle driver did not help load or unload luggage at all.

So, I parked here to go to LAX for my flight, and it was absolutely great. The staff was helpful, the shuttle didn't take long at all, going to the airport or back to the parking garage. Overall great experience for my first time and I would definitely use the Spectrum parking again.

Excellent service. Never waited for more than 5 minutes. Can't complain with the price I paid. Thanks for the A+ service. Car was waiting for me before I arrived.

After reading the reviews for this place, I was beyond nervous that all would go wrong, but absolutely nothing did. Dropping off the car was probably the biggest setback seeing as we had a 11:59p, and assumed shuttles would probably not run as frequent. We waited less than 15 mins at Spectrum before pickup. As for our return, after getting through customs, my husband phoned them and less than 5 minutes later a shuttle was coming through. The customer service attendees were timely and very professional.

We opted for using airport parking facility because after calculating the price of an Uber/Lyft from the valley, or a lyft to the flyaway & back, financially it just made more sense to park our car. We are so glad we decided to try something new. And I realize this might have been a fluke but in our case, it was in our favor.

I really like using this company, but this time we had a 40 min wait for the shuttle at LAX at 1:30 in the morning. I had to call 3 times. Finally another shuttle driver pulled over and took us there because he felt so bad.

Prompt shuttle service. Quick car pick up. Used their valet service. My car was ready when I arrived. They even loaded my luggages for me. Outstanding facility. Have been using it for the past 3 years.
- Pasadena

I had a great experience with Spectrum Parking. There was about a 15 minute wait for a 5AM pickup, but I was lucky upon return to wait less than 5 minutes for the van. Valet service was courteous and quick. With the excellent value, it's clear that Spectrum is trying to become one of LAX's premier parking spots.

Great place to park. Close and convenient covered parking for a reasonable rate. The people that work there and on the shuttle are very nice. I have parked there a couple of times and each time, it has been a great experience. Will park there again next time.

The only issue I had with my parking experience is that I called the number on my valet ticket to retrieve my car, but the person I spoke with (the driver, apparently) never relayed the info to the parking attendant. That is a flaw in the system. The number should connect you to the parking facility, not the driver.

A very good experience!

Entire process was extremely speedy. Everyone we encountered was courteous and professional. We will definitely be parking here again.
- San Juan Capistrano

Very good with the exception of a long wait for pickup to take us to the airport. If Airport Spectrum can increase the frequency of airport transfers, it will be a very atttractive option for all customers. The indoor valet was very smooth.
- Long Beach, CA

It was great :) no problems whatsoever.
- Los Angeles

Had only used long term parking before this at LAX. Decided to try and will now use this service for future trips. Parked underground in nice, clean lot. Shuttle came quick. Best part? They answer the phone and help if you are lost, etc.! Thanks so much!
- Leonard

Shuttle back is a real problem. You call the number on the ticket they give you, and they say, sorry, someone else is handling shuttles now. Not us. But you get a text that says look for a green and yellow bus. No such bus anymore. Turns out the new system is to send a black, unmarked mini bus. Hard to find/see, although great quality once you find it. Took 45 minutes at LAX trying to figure all this out.

Until they get their new system organized, I would stay away.
- Los Angeles

I've been coming here for years, love it and highly recommend it. They have both self-park and valet.

Location is great, close enough to the airport for my needs.

Facility is great too, well-kept (though sometimes I get confused about how and where to park since they have a mix of long-term and short-term parking, but there's always an attendant so when in doubt, I always have someone to ask - and they will literally walk along my car and direct me to a parking spot).

Wait times are great. On the way to the airport, I don't think I've wait more than a few minutes. And for airport pick-up, I always call in and shuttle follows closely after.

Shuttles are very clean. Drivers are friendly and help with loading and unloading luggage.

Customer service is great - zero complaints there.

They also have a loyalty program! Every six times you park there you get either a free stay for 2-day minimum park or a free car wash.

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