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105 Airport Parking

Los Angeles International Airport
898 N Pacific Coast Hwy., El Segundo, CA 90245 Map

Indoor Self
Shuttle Interval, min25-30
105 Airport Parking LAX is the best choice for many South Bay residents. Located off Sepulveda Blvd. and just south of I-105, this covered parking structure offers valet and self parking for with 3 levels of indoor parking and 1 level of outdoor, rooftop parking. The complimentary shuttle service is provided to and from LAX. Valet guests provide their valet ticket number to the shuttle driver so their vehicle is waiting for them upon arrival. Online reservations are recommended to secure a space.

Upon your return to LAX: After obtaining your luggage, proceed outside to the red sign marked "Hotel & Courtesy Shuttles" and call for a shuttle at (310) 615-1888 or text "pick up" with your terminal to (310) 439-5399.

What our customers say about 105 Airport Parking


This was the best airport parking I have ever had!!
- Los Angeles

I will be parking here again in the future! I believe it is the best deal around with a safe lot and convenient location!
- Los Angeles

Great! No hassles; shuttles were on time; courteous staff!
- Santa Monica, CA

Amazing! Very convenient and great service!!! Will be using this service going forward and recommending to others.

Very simple to use great staff.
- Phoenix, AZ

Overall, my experience parking at 105 Parking was a great experience. I only had two concerns, first, the address on my reservations was not the correct one for entering into the parking garage it was for the hotel so was confused about where to enter. Second, I made a reservation for indoor parking, but ended having to parking on the top floor of the parking garage which was outside as all the indoor parking was taken. Other than these issues, it was great. The shuttles were prompt, the drivers were courteous, and the location was close to the airport.

The airport was less crowded because of the pandemic but this was the fastest and easiest parking ever, especially for the price! Valet covered parking and our vehicle was ready when we got to the parking lot!
- Monterey

I don’t give 5 stars very often! This facility earned them.

I’m always a little uneasy using valet parking for an extended period of time with a lot I don’t know, but this was a fantastic experience and I will be back! Parking structure was easy to find right off the freeway and was literally a 5 minute drive from the airport itself. They ran out of self parking, which I had reserved, so they gave me valet parking at no additional cost. The shuttle arrived not even 5 minutes after I handed over my keys. The staff was very friendly and helpful. From LAX on my way back, I called the lot to let them know that I had arrived and there was a shuttle waiting when I stepped outside! Would 100% return. They honored the price that I paid online, too, which is always something that I get nervous about!
- Orange County

They only had valet service when I arrived. So I don’t know how the spaces were but a shuttle bus was there immediately. When I returned the shuttle was there in minutes. The driver radioed ahead and my car was ready when we got there. I was out in two minutes. Overall excellent experience. All at a very good rate

Additional signs and an elevator with working lights (buttons for floors do not light up neither does the button that indicates whether the elevator has been called) would be nice. But very helpful employees.
- 800 Tamarac St

First time trying this service & was blown away on how it was an excellent experience and I would always recommend & use this service again

Parking was full when I arrived. But they said they would valet the car .. that was great but person stood there waiting. I had to say please let me make sure I have everything. Due to that I left my ticket in my car . I called when I got to airport to let them aware . When I returned one week later they could not find my key . It took like 30 min and we arrived about 11 PM . Super tired and I was trying to help by looking for my keys . I felt bad for the attendant. Location and shuttle to airport was great, the shuttle back was a little more challenging.
- Los Angeles

I was running late to catch my flight and was glad to find the parking was very close to the airport, and the shuttle was waiting after I parked. Upon my return my car battery had died. I called and a helpful and friendly employee came up with a portable charger and jump started me right away! I forgot his name but he said it was his second day working for 105. Thanks for helping me get home without a lot of drama after a late flight!
- SoCal

It’s a large facility and they say “indoor parking” but the first 4.5/6 floors of the complex are all reserved spots for nearby businesses, apartments, hotels, etc. I finally found what I believe was the last spot on the roof and it rained while I was gone. Sooooooo, don’t count on the advertised indoor part of the parking.

Next the buses. They’re basic, but worn down and dirty looking. I’m not looking for a limo ride to the airport, but I’ve been on city buses that didn’t make me want to scrub myself like this one did.

And finally pick up. My return flight got in about 9pm which was still a busy time at LAX. Apparently this place is THE ONLY parking service that has one shuttle running. Places like the Parking Spot, Joes Parking, & the hotels that provide parking all had shuttles passing by and stopping every 5 minutes or less. Heck, I think I saw the Sepulveda Parking Spot shuttle passing by every 90 seconds or less. Sometimes 2 or 3 at a time. And ya know, I get it. LA has traffic, especially LAX. I live in SoCal and know LA traffic is the worst in the country at times. However, I just missed the shuttle as I exited the airport and had to wait over 20mins for the next one. That sucked after a 5 hour flight when I just wanted to start heading home.

The only thing I couldn’t disagree with was the price. For a little over $20, for two days, it certainly beats parking at LAX because it would have been a lot more expensive. However, I suppose I get what I paid for. Next time, I’ll pay a few bucks more and try elsewhere with more parking, cleaner buses, & more often pick up times.

Would definitely do it again
- Arcadia, CA

First, the facility ran out of self parking spaces, so they did valet for free. No big deal, I think that's something anyone would and should do.

Second, my battery was discharged when I returned after 5 days out of town. They used a jumper cable to start the engine. It was sick in their property, so it was in their best interest to help remove my vehicle out of there.

There is nothing too much out of normal, but with so many dumb employees out there, these people were sharp enough to get things going without having any bad attitude. Great people.

I travel often and park here every month. A lot safer than the 405 parking. Never waited longer than 15 min for a shuttle.

I paid extra for valet. Unfortunately there seemed to be no communication as the bus driver asked for my valet number and said the car would be ready when we arrived after our long flight. The attendant at 105 when we arrived didn't have the car ready. When I asked what the point of the driver asking for the valet number if the car wouldn't be ready he merely shrugged.

Then I had issues with getting out of the garage as the ticket the attendant gave me said I had to pay (I had prepaid already). I'm not sure if this was a scam to get me to pay more or just a mistake. I had to wait for the attendant to give me a new ticket to exit.

Overall, I would not recommend 105. They seem very disorganized. I will not use them again.
- Southern California

Great service! I have used this location on many occasions without any problems.
- CA

Prepaid for parking reservation, but when I got there self parking was full. Had to drive around and finally gave up. Staff then told me to park in a tenant space. Shuttle bus was good, but had to wait 25 minutes when I came back to LAX. Literally saw 10 Joe's Parking busses in that time. Price and location are great.

I used 105 Airport Parking twice so far, no regrets. Always booked self parking, but because it was full, I got valet parking for free. Never had any issues or had to wait any longer then 10 min for the shuttle from/to LAX.

The shuttle wait to the airport was about 40 minutes, unacceptable. Otherwise, the staff was good.

The best part was that my car was waiting for me when I arrived.

Location was difficult to find at first. GPS took us to the hotel gate. Also, parking gets packed! But overall didn't have to wait long and was charged what I expected.
- Pasadena

Nothing to complain about! Good pricing for self park lot near LAX. Shuttle was quick and our car was in one piece when we got back after six days.

Pretty good option for parking near LAX at a reasonable price. I would use them again.

The front lady was horrible and so rude. I called multiple times and every single time I called she was rude. She even hung up on us once after I asked a simple question. This place I would highly recommend if there was more personable people working in the front. She isn't a good representation of the company at all.

Almost everything was wonderful. The only improvement I would suggest is to inform customers where to wait at the airport for the shuttle. I am hearing-impaired, tried to call to get this info over the phone, couldn't hear and understand the answers, so requested another person beside me to mediate the call for me.

The only thing I have to say is that they should notify customers of pick up area at airport instead of just saying just wait at the curb.

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