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Joe's Airport Parking

Los Angeles International Airport
6151 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Indoor Self
Outdoor Self
Outdoor Self
Distance from Airport3.0 mi
Shuttle Interval, min10
- 1/2 block from airport
- Safe, Secure and Convenient
- Free shuttle service every 10 minutes
- Complimentary luggage assistance
- 24 hour dedicated service staff

What our customers say about Joe's Airport Parking

- Bakersfield CA

Awesome service and location. Will definitely be parking here more often.

Was loving the experience until I had to come back. I requested a shuttle and it actually got there quick but it took almost 20 minutes to drop us off back. It only had 5 people in the shuttle and 3 of them were from another hotel.

The front desk people barely acknowledge you too. They look like they do not want to help. I came in to check-out and they didn't even care that someone walked in.

I liked how close it was to the airport.

Finding the parking lot was very easy and access good. Getting into the structure was simple. Parking spaces are good. Plenty of room for my truck. The shuttle driver and staff were pleasant and helpful.
- Riverside

The drivers were very helpful and courteous. Office personal was the opposite, low energy and not very helpful. They could use customer service training. I felt like I was disturbing their quiet time.

Very quick and easy! Only confusion was they never told me I needed to enter my phone number twice to get into garage. Everyone was friendly and my car was safe.

Highly recommend Joe's. Everything was very easy and quick and service and staff were excellent.

I lost my ticket but had a reservation and the lady at the front desk was nice enough to print out a receipt, so I could get out.

Miss valet service at Joe's. Stuck at gate and had to leave my car to get reissued ticket to allow me to exit. Very frustrating.

As a small business owner myself, you want employees that will hopefully represent the business and the brand in the best way. The two girls working the counter on both Saturday and Sunday night could not be more disinterested and unhelpful.

Also, when my pickup time is at 11pm and then I arrive an hour later due to a flight delay and then get charged almost the full daily rate is just bad customer service and an attempt to gouge the customer. I used to always park at Joe's, but it appears they lost to their adjacent lot. I will not use them again.

Always a pleasure and very convenient.

Good location, but that's about it. Horrible customer service. One hr wait for shuttle. Rude driver. Definitely will not be using this lot again.

This was my first time parking at LAX, so I was unfamiliar with how the off-site parking worked. Confused upon my arrival, I was disappointed that nobody answered the "Help" button at the entry gate. Joe's would benefit from having clear instructions on how to proceed once you arrive. Active construction made it difficult for me to easily figure out where I should be parking.

When I returned, I waited on the wrong level for the shuttle pickup. I eventually figured this out by asking shuttle drivers for other lots. When I boarded Joe's shuttle, I noticed a placard saying that pickup was not on the same level as the other shuttles. However, I did not notice this placard in the crowded shuttle that dropped me off and it would have been helpful for this important tidbit to have been more actively communicated. Something like clear signage at the airport or being directly informed by the shuttle driver that brought me to the airport.

When I went to pick up my car, I was unsurprised to find the same lackluster and depressing parking lot from when I dropped my car off. Overall, Joe's was pretty, "Meh," but what do we really expect from a place we park our cars?

I was an hour later than reserved due to a flight delay, they charged me a full extra day rate. My other parking experiences at other lots don't result in a full day charge by missing my reservation time by a short amount. They actually said I had to be out by 3:46 pm to not incur an extra day charge, pretty bad to hold to the minute when air travel is concerned. Kind of a rip off.

Staff needs more training on how to treat their customers.
- Hesperia, CA

For my trip to Canada, Joe's Airport Parking at LAX was the simplest part, in both directions. Wait time for shuttles was about 10 minutes to and from the airport. Scanning the barcode to get out of the lot was a bit tedious, but otherwise the check-in and check-out procedures were quick and easy. I've already booked my reservation at Joe's for my next flight from LAX, next month. Like anything related to air travel, giving yourself a chunk of extra time helps take the stress out, even if it turns out you don't need the extra time.

Arrived at lot for valet service and found same lane used for cars entering and leaving. Overcapacity. Employees by garage directed us to find own parking stall. When we walked to entrance, found nice cars parked by entrance with windows down. Glad I did not use valet! Inbound flight home, waited 35 minutes at 1am with other garages offering more vans. While close to LAX, management needs a tune-up

The shuttle pick-up was actually OK, once I flagged the driver down. But upon arrival at the parking facility, the experience turned really ugly really fast. We were dropped off in the driveway, outside the drop arms at the entrance/exit kiosk and had to drag our luggage around the arms. Then, after weaving our way between parked cars, we arrived at the "valet" desk, which was vacant. So, we marched up the stairs and into the "office", where utter chaos set in. The staff consisted of two gals, both of whom were besieged with angry customers demanding their cars. Two more people were combing through the wall of keys, looking for their keys on their own. I presented my ticket, and one of the gals marched over to the key wall and after about 5 minutes came back and asked me what my keys looked like! So, I joined the two people looking for our keys. After a half hour of searching, and finally with some help from one of the gals, my keys were found!! After some honking (& fist shaking) to clear the shuttle vans out of the driveway, I made it out to the public street. It took 55 minutes from start to finish. I will NEVER EVER use Joe's again.

Waited an hour for the shuttle, called twice to the office. It wasn't until the third call that I was told to goto the lower level and stand under the hotel parking and not next to the parking shuttle sign on the upper level. Tried to get out of lot, receipt would not let me out. Valet had to open the gate for me.
- Garden Grove, CA

Shuttles come around every 7-10 min. Parking structure is very close to the airport. Friendly staff and clean shuttles.

*** shuttles now pick up and drop on the 1st Floor so it takes a little longer to get the your airline or back to the parking lot. Plan your trip 10 min extra***

Gets the job done. Location is good. Everyone seemed to be having an off day since it was another busy day at LAX.

Not sure why the shuttles all seem to move the far left then cut over at the last minute for each stop.

Love this place! Super close to LAX and the shuttle comes every 10-15 minutes

Wait time for pick up at 1am was 45 minutes!
- Santa Clarita

I chose this company over the one I have been using because they said the wait time was less. However, we waited for the shuttle from the terminal for 15 minutes even though they said it would be 5-10. Nevertheless, I will continue to use Joe's. My car was ready when I got there and the ladies in the office were efficient and professional.

The wait time was a bit long, maybe more shuttles will solve the problem, other companies were around 3 or 4 times before mine showed up.
- Van Nuys, CA

Although it was New Years Holidays, every aspect of the experience went smooth. Joe's Airport Parking has a well established SOP.

I was also happy with their discounted rates. I'll use their facility/services more frequently.

We didn't wait at all going to the airport or returning to the lot.
- Paychex

Wait time for shuttle when going to terminal was nothing and the driver was very helpful with the luggage.

The wait time however to be picked up, upon my return was 20 minutes. I did see multiple vans from where I almost made a reservation continue to go by and was thinking, I could be at my car by now. The driver for the pickup wasn not as helpful wit the luggage.

Also, the light by the elevator when I got out on the 5th floor was out which didn't give me the safest feeling.

Overall, I liked the service would consider parking here again.
- Pasadena

You have very easily earned my business.
- OC

Great facility and location. Shuttles were prompt. My only concern was that we had to search a bit for a spot to park. I will definitely park there again as long as the price remains reasonable.

We waited over 45 minutes for the shuttle on the early Sunday morning. The airport was not busy. The wait time on the wbe web site is false advertising. We have to called the front desk 3 times. We will not park here again. We saw Parking Spot shuttle nine time in 45 minutes. We will try Parking spot next time.

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