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WallyPark Premier Airport Parking

Orlando International Airport
5601 Butler National Dr., Orlando, FL 32812 Map

Uncovered Self
Outdoor Valet
Covered Valet
Shuttle Interval, min5-10
With competitive low daily rates and quality shuttles leaving every few minutes for Orlando Airport, WallyPark MCO offers a convenient and reliable airport parking service.

Free airport shuttles depart every 5 min.

Lot Open 24/7.

What our customers say about WallyPark Premier Airport Parking

- Sanford via Washington State

Great deal on parking, easy to figure out how to get picked up at the airport, drivers were kind and helpful.

I will be back to use this facility. Also I will recommend it to friends.
Top notch. Close to airport and great pricing.
- Tampa

When I dropped off my car, the shuttle came to my car about three minutes after I parked, just as I was getting all of my baggage together. Perfect timing.

When I returned, my car's battery had died. The attendant came and gave me a jump start within five minutes. So nice to deal with.

Oh, and the shuttle driver told me that he had been with them for ten years (!!) because they were so nice to work for...

I'll be back.

Great customer service! Will park here again!

Had to wait 45 minutes for shuttle, although I had prepaid parking and it took me 20 minutes to get out.

Location was great. The facility was clean and very secure. The shuttle to and from the airport could not have been any better, all was great. I will definitely use WallyPark again.

Timely service. Raining as I left. Gave me paper towels to wipe down inside door. Appreciated that extra service.

Very good, picked up right away, quick to the airport, and pick up and check out at the end of the stay was very efficient and quick.

They are great and it was quick and easy. Didn't have to wait for a shuttle as it was already there!!!
- Fort Pierce, FL

The driver was right there when I parked! And the driver was right there at airport when I arrived back!!
- Florida

1. The facility was great! Clean, very easy to find, very easy to get things figured out. The multiple options for parking accommodations were a huge seller.
2. The staff are AMAZING. This was our first time using WallyPark and we will be using from now on. The staff were so nice to the kids and helped us with no issue or complaint. They had a smile on their faces the entire time. The staff are your biggest assets!

Two complaints
1. The day we arrived, we had almost a 20 minute wait to get our shuttle from the airport to get back to the facility. When they arrived, they already had a group on the bus and could only hold about 6 additional guests, yet there were almost 20 people waiting. We get it's busy and we were one of the 6 to get on but the shuttles being more frequent would help OR to tell us when we text that we are ready an estimated time of arrival.
2. When we were leaving the facility, we were asked for a slip of paper with our confirmation information. This was tucked away in our suitcase, as it was with the two cars ahead of us. Luckily I could access it quickly on my phone, BUT it was clear the people in front of us could not as they were rummaging in their trunks for the information creating a lengthy and time consuming line to exit. This is something that should be held in your computers where you check out with your drivers license for quick and easy service to not only the customer but the poor lady sitting in the booth.

These complaints are pretty minor with the amazing and quality service we received. We would use again and highly recommend this facility.

Used Valet/Covered - car not ready. When I got there had to wait then the shuttle driver had to get my car. Had to wait again not very professional for $90. I'll try someone else in Sept.

Very accommodating. Extremely nice staff.

I have been parking here for approximately 4 years, always great service, very polite, great location.

Found out that they have driven and moved my vehicle several times in a week's span. I can understand moving my car just a few feet to make room in order to get another car in or out but back and fourth between two different lots??? That's just completely unnecessary One of those times they parked my car in a grass parking lot and had caused damages to the underside of my vehicle.

Nice clean facility and excellent staff. Perhaps a little more detail on directions since street is sort of hidden and sign for street very small.
- Palm City, Florida

Fast and easy, great service.

Wonderful first experience, will definitely come here again and recommend for friends and family!
- Casselberry, FL

My car would not start when I went to pick it up. It only took 10 minuets for a valet driver to get me back to my car in a golf cart and get a bus there one minute later to jump my battery and get me going. They were awesome. There will never be any other place for me to park when I travel.
- W. Melbourne, Fl

You will have no need to worry about getting to the airport on time. The shuttle runs every few minutes. After I parked my truck, I was in the shuttle within five minutes and 10 minutes later being dropped off at the terminal. I prepaid online at an excellent price and when I checked out I didn't pay a penny more. The lot is exceptionally clean, lighted and secure. The personnel there were extremely nice and helpful. This will definitely be my long term parking lot of choice in the future!
- Melbourne, FL

Great place to park!

Excellent service!!!

Nice place, but I waited 26 minutes to get picked up at airport.
- Michigan

It was so good I was looking for an employee to tip before I left and he was too busy handling a concerned customer. I will not park anywhere else.

My one complaint other than sometimes having to wait in line for almost 20 minutes to pay and get out, is that when I was being transport from the parking facility (on Dec 3rd), the driver asked for my airline, then told me (and others on board) that he would be depositing us at the lower area, where we normally would be picked up. His explanation was that the shuttle was no longer allowed to drop us off at the arrivals area and was unclear as to why. This was very interesting considering the week before I had traveled from MCO using the same parking facility and there had been no problem on dropping me off at the arrivals location at the airport.

It is annoying and does add time to my travel, but what bothers me a little is why are we still giving out the airlines that we are traveling on, when we are dumped at a central location regardless. It seems kind of silly. It would be nice to have some more comprehensive explanation, especially since I do a lot of traveling, so I can plan my arrival to your parking facility accordingly.
- Deltona, Florida.

This was the best parking experience we have had in our five years of flying in and out of Orlando IA. Thank you all so much.

Ralph seriously needs to retire. He was crabby and surly to another family who had trouble finding their ticket He was very snippy with us also. Your place is beautiful, but customer service is the most important.

My experience was really good. I recommend wally park, please don't change - you guy's doing great!
- Orlando

The lot is perfectly situated near the airport and is safe and well-lit. The wait for the shuttle to get to the airport was about 5 minutes and on my return I was told 5-7 minutes but as soon as I walked outside it was there already. The shuttle was comfortable, air-conditioned and smelled clean and fresh. My only negative is that it wasn't clear cut about where I should park when I arrived at the lot - there wasn't someone at the gate directing you and letting you know what to do. Overall, I will absolutely park there again.


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