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WallyPark - Outdoor Self Park

Seattle/Tacoma International Airport
2803 S. 188th St., Seatac, WA 98188 Map

Outdoor Self
Wally Park offers an unmatched and affordable parking experience, with benefits that include secured self-parking, 24/7 shuttle service, immediate check-in/check-out, free Wi-Fi Internet in the lobby, complimentary amenities and so much more. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, WallyPark at SeaTac will make parking the most enjoyable part of your trip.

What our customers say about WallyPark - Outdoor Self Park


Need a cover for people. We were there with snow falling with no cover or heat. Waited 30 mins for ride. Freezing! Wet! Unacceptable! Lady in check in for the ride to airport just pointed where to wait. Girl at check out was a doll!

Awful. The closed entrance was bad enough, but getting home late and having to wait 20 mins for a shuttle (even after calling) is ridiculous. I'll never park there again. Shuttle driver just laughed it off.

My only suggestion is that you provide entrance directions. At 6:00am in the dark, I had difficulty finding the open gate since it was not at the address street (188th).
- Seattle, WA

Will not be coming back and will be calling corporate to ask for a refund. We were traveling with 2 kids and we left to wait at the airport for over 20 minutes outside with 2 children in the middle of a blizzard. We weren't the only ones left and we are the only ones pissed. Everyone I would call to check in and see where the heck the driver was they would answer the phone and hang up immediately.
- Port Orchard

Biggest issues is the entrance was hard to find since this was the first time using this lot. No wait for shuttle going, short wait coming back. Had small issue with cashier wanting to charge me more money because my reservation times were not exactly what reality was.

Lot desperately needs repaving!!! Spaces should be clearly marked and getting trapped in the rows is absolutely rediculous. Shuttle is nice, but the drivers are hit-and-miss. Can't beat the price and the man in the booth is very nice.

The only problem was edlerly driver who could not/would not help with luggage, but she was pleasant and helpful otherwise.

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