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U-Save Parking

Miami International Airport
3975 NW 25th st., Miami , FL 33142 Map

Outdoor Valet
Indoor Valet
Distance from Airport0.8 mi
Shuttle Interval, min15
Upon entering U-Save parking, guests will be greeted and checked in by a valet attendant. Parking guests should be prepared to show a copy of their reservation confirmation print out. Once checked in, customers will board a luxury Sprinter van and will be chauffeured to the Miami International Airport departures terminal. Pick up available upon request.

What our customers say about U-Save Parking


It was great, even though there is a current pandemic and crisis, they still provide good service
- Ft Myers Florida

The parking experience was great. They helped me immediately and got us on our shuttle and to the airport expeditiously. When we returned, my car was delivered immediately and it was in great shape. I will definitely use them again!

Fantastic service, friendly staff, my car was spotless when returned to me. Overall, great experience. I will most definitely be recommending U-Save Parking to everyone I know!

When I returned to pick up my car, there were parties ahead of me renting cars. My parking fee had been paid in full when I left the vehicle. The clerk who was very nice went in to all the options and intricacies rental agreements. This took approximately an hour while I waited for my turn. I did think I shouldn've interrupted, so I stood there. Then the person behind me interrupted explaining that she had to get moving for a flight. I then spoke up, and my car got to me within a few minutes.

It seems like a simple sign forming two lines would distinguish the renters from the people who are merely picking up their own cars. I think I stood there for over an hour. While the coffee was delicious and the clerk very courteous, I think my wait was too long.

When I arrived, the place was only with 1 expectant customer, no employees the staff was out, then they called me that they had given me the wrong ticket, then upon returning from vacation had to wait 30 mins for pickup, then back at location there was a customer being VERY rudely treated cause she was asking how long would she have to wait, she had been waiting for a while, the attendee ripped up her papers and told her to go find business somewhere else, the attendant was, unprofessional, rude, nasty and would not even look up when walking, needless to say I waited an hour to get my car, it was buried with 9 cars in front of mine, and employees were walking by right in front of me, overwhelmed with other things they had to do. Definetely not a good experience, will not ever go back or recommend.

Returning back to Miami, we called location for 30 minutes with no answer.. we took an uber back to location... when we got there attendant was sitting down in the corner and the phone was constantly ringing...

Pick up coordination was terrible. They made me walk for 20-30 mins within the airport to reach to a rental car pickup spot instead of picking up from arrivals as written on the parking receipt. And their only explanation to it was sorry.

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